Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Has Obama's Libya Decision Made Anyone Happy?

The short answer: no.  This might be a cynical thing to say, but President Obama's decision to bomb Libya has made absolutely no one happy.  Here's the long answer:

In February of this year, rebels in Libya had gained a tremendous amount of ground.  They were on the verge of defeating Gaddafi while it looked like a strong wind would topple his regime.  But then he started to kill rebels and civilians with his air force.  Conservatives quickly called for support of the rebels, but the President poo-pooed the idea outright.  In a month, rebels were down to a single stronghold... and then the President decided to call for a no-fly zone.  Guess who is unhappy: conservatives.

On the other side of the spectrum, liberals were glad to go along with doing nothing.  Sure, Gaddafi was a cold-hearted dictator who killed civilians, but he wasn't our problem.  So they went along with what their President decreed.  But then he changed.  And now they're quite upset.  So, guess who is unhappy: liberals (and libertarians).
Obama: Making the world angry at him since 2011
How about Egypt or even Libya?  Well, Egypt refused to let the United States use their airfields and Libyans have blamed much of their loses to Obama's dithering.  So, they're none too pleased.

How about the world?  Well other than France and the U.K. (who were upset that Obama waited to act when they wanted to), much of the world sees this decision as American imperialism.  Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, India, they're all pissed.

And of course, Israel is upset because Obama hasn't lent them any aid, be it verbal or military) in any conflict so far during his Presidency.

But, but I thought Bush ruined our image!

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  1. Give the opposition weapons only--or do not interfere at all.