Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rule 5 Sunday

Please check out these links this Sunday morning.  And just to make sure you are paying attention...

Salma says: check out these links!

Jammie Wearing Fool asks:  seriously, Obama is a "Warrior President?"

Reaganite Republican has plenty of Sunday Funnies.

The Lonely Conservative shows footage of crazed teachers in Wisconsin.

Mean ol' Meany has a bunch of links.

Pirate's Cove details an Obama-like sign in Lybia.

Libertarian Republican writes about Muslims burning down brothels in Tunisia.

Director Blue has plenty of links.

World Threats covers a huge story: Iran's Revolutionary Guard will NOT fire on Civilians. 

Innominatus wonders if you are paying attention.

American Power Blog examines left-wing hatred.

IowaHawk is awesome, as always.

And so is Manhattan Infidel.

The Wild West Coconut Show is too.

Not Another New England Sports Blog discusses Democrats gathering in Wisconsin.

Pundit and Pundette cover the fake doctors' notes in Wisconsin.

Please bookmark!

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