Monday, March 28, 2011

Repoll Obama vs. McCain.

Public Policy Polling, which leans Democrat, has recently surveyed the voters of Michigan and Wisconsin on whether they would still elect their current GOP Governors if the election was held again.

While it has been revealed that the polling firm fudged the numbers to favor the Democrat candidate in Wisconsin, I believe the method of repolling elections is a useful tool in really pinpointing any given elected officials approval numbers, because a vote to elect is a vote of a pure confidence.

And why am I bringing this up?

Good question.

Because I want a polling firm to repoll the 2008 Presidential election between President Obama and Senator McCain to find out whether 26 long months of Obama's administration has changed their minds on how they voted in 2008.

The process would be simple enough: ask 1,000 American voters (using the 2008 breakdown as your basis: 53% Obama/46% McCain) and then tabulate the results.

Bloggers, columnists, commentators, media personalities, newspapers, talk show hosts, telvision anchors and tweeters would all jump on the results when released. In fact, repolling the election would probably result in hours of tape and tons of ink spent examining what it all means.

I can't think of one reason why such a poll would be a bad idea.

What say you?

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