Monday, March 28, 2011

Obama to Address Country on Libya Tonight.

President Obama will be addressing the country tonight* on why we're fighting Muammar Qaddafi's brutal forces in Libya, and what we're hoping to achieve by fighting, and hopefully removing the long time anti-American despot.

About time.

As the Navy launched over 100 Tomahawk missiles into Libya, while the Air Force helped establish a no-fly zone, President Obama was in Brazil encouraging their off-shore oil drilling programs. Americans supported the military's action, but felt left out by our Commander-in-Chief when we really needed to hear from him.

We didn't hear from him and the anti-war zealots on both sides of the aisle have controlled the debate ever since, because the President didn't take command of the situation on day one.

Hopefully, President Obama will discuss our military accomplishments since the war began last Saturday, and that our ultimate goal is regime change in the Libyan government. Or else, the address will be a dud and a complete waste of time, while agitating most of the country, regardless of political affiliation.

What say you?

* - Tonight at 7:30 PM.

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