Friday, March 18, 2011

Obama Speech on Libya Live, March 18, 2011

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  1. So, uh, since January, I’ve been doing this research paper over the genocide in Darfur and I just turned it in today. With all the research I did, I’m pretty in to this whole genocide thing in Darfur. It’s crazy that the US still hasn’t done anything significant to save Darfur, but at the drop of a hat they’re wanting to do something in Libya. Why? Because Libya has oil. Obama said it was because the people were being brutally murdered. First of all, they were being brutally murdered in Rwanda, and Clinton did nothing. Second of all, Bush declared Darfur a genocide, and even since then, nothing has been done. Why? Because they don’t have oil.

    It has nothing to do with Humanitarian Injustices you ignorant government.

  2. Amanda,
    If you've done a lot of research on the Sudan, you would realize that the country has massive untapped oil reserves, perhaps even more than Libya. Bush organized a UN force to enter Darfur and stopped the genocide. We were right then and we're right now with Libya.

  3. Amanda this is just sad.... Obama has little to do with the actions being taken by the UN , mainly under the direction of the French. And while its probably true that there are more ulterior motives at play, at least something is being done.

  4. I would like to view your research paper.

  5. Amanda : Your comment about the US not caring about Sudan because they don't have oil is thoroughly ignorant and what I have come to expect from today's college students.The Chinese government apparently does not share your belief that oil-rich Sudan has NO oil.Perhaps it's because they are better informed and more adept than you are at research.