Friday, March 18, 2011

Obama in 2006: 'There's going to be a day when we look back at that $3.05 or $3.15 gasoline as the good old days'

In May of 2006, Barack Obama was a little-known freshman Senator from the state of Illinois.  He had made little to talk about other than speaking at the Democratic National Convention, and had no important bills bearing his name.

During his short time in office, then-Senator Obama had made plenty of speeches about ending partisanism and stating unequivocally that the majority party in power should never use the "nuclear option" in the Senate to end debate.

Another topic he spoke on: energy and gas prices.  The freshman spoke on a podcast of his plans to make the United States energy independent in the near future.  Possibly the most illuminating quote is this:
If we don't take these steps now there's going to be a day when we look back at that $3.05 or $3.15 gasoline as the good old days. At some point there's not going to be a tax rebate that's big enough or a tax holiday that's long enough to solve these problems. The American people shouldn't have to wait for this day to come...Now we just need a little bit of political will and I hope that you guys will help me provide it.
You know, Mr. Obama was kind of right five years ago.  There would be a time in the near future where $3.05 and $3.15 are considered low prices.  I bet he didn't expect it to be during his Presidency.
President Obama
Can I point out that this is the man that has stopped off-shore drilling so that the United States became more reliant on foreign oil?  That this is the man who has wavered on nuclear energy so that our energy (at least in part) comes from foreign nations?

I may be saying something outrageous, but I think President Obama was not actually saying what he believed in or could do.  Imagine!

But I guess all that anyone can hope for is change...

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