Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Nuclear Meltdown?

Pictures of the earthquake and the aftermath

In the aftermath of the horrendous earthquake today in Japan, most if not all of the nation's nuclear plants were shut down.  This was in order to prevent a meltdown.

Unfortunately, an apparent malfunction is causing a reactor at one of the plants is causing the plant to overheat.  According to our sources, this could potentially lead to a "small radiation leak."

In a day that has brought so much destruction, hopefully they are able to get this plant in order.

Update- 3,000 people in the surrounding area have been evacuated.

Update #2- Experts say that it may be several hours until they know the extent and danger to the reactor.

Update #3- Japan has declared a "nuclear emergency" in the area and has evacuated everyone within six miles.

Update #4- There are now reports that the plant may meltdown in the immediate future.  If this happens, the toll could be catastrophic.

Update #5- There are reports of an explosion at the nuclear plant:
Fears are climbing of an impending meltdown.

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  1. Well, if somebody thinks they can gain superpowers from a radioactive ANYTHING, I guess now they can go to Japan and put that theory to the test firsthand

  2. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinneyMarch 12, 2011 at 8:48 AM

    Never forget 9/11 lies.
    Study prevailing winds.
    Traditional cooling not possible.
    Containment has been breached.
    Dishonest governments never tell the truth.
    Corrupt controlled media never tell the truth.