Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Interview with John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org

Pundit Press is proud to present its 29th interview in our ongoing series. This time we’re interviewing John Pike, the founder of the site GlobalSecurity.org, which I find myself visiting quite often. The non-partisan site has been up since 2000 and offers a plethora of data on geopolitics around the planet. We wanted to thank Mr. Pike for taking part in the interview.

1. When and why was GlobalSecurity.org created?

We started GlobalSecurity.org in late 2000 to avoid having to get a real job.

2. What has been the most fascinating story that the site has covered since its founding?

The war in Iraq was pretty intense

3. The most surprising?

The uprisings in the Mid-East were widely anticipated, but surprising to all concerned, sort of like the return of the Hidden Imam from Occultation.

4. Do you believe that the current unrest in the Middle East could topple any other governments in the region?

Yemen looks pretty unstable, but everything stops at 2 PM so
they can spend the rest of the day chewing Qat.

5. What is the best thing about running the site?

The freedom to set your own agenda.

6. Do you foresee a democratic transition in Egypt?

More democratic than it was, less democratic than some might hope.

7. Will Iran acquire a nuclear weapon in the next decade?

If they wanted to, they could acquire a nuclear weapon within the next few years.

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