Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Gov. Walker Plans $900M Cut to Education

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin surely walks the walk. After putting his political career on the line fighting the roll back union privileges, he's now introduced an ambitious spending plan. In the plan he hopes to cut Wisconsin's impending deficits-- by cutting spending!

It's about time that someone actually considered this novel idea.

His plan? Over the next two years roll back state education spending by almost a billion dollars. The $900 million will help significantly in the effort to combat the looming shortfall. This would represent about nine percent of education spending and would help bridge the projected $3.6 billion deficit.

Of course, you can expect the union whine:

Mary Bell, president of the Wisconsin Education Association Council, said more than 2,000 teachers had received nonrenewal notices as of Monday.

"All of this turmoil, all of this chaos, are examples that Walker's proposals are too extreme," she said.
 Good for Governor Walker. Keep it up.

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  1. Speaking of turmoil, are those teachers back in school yet?