Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Dick Morris: Ron Paul 'Horrific'

Dick Morris is occasionally correct. Morris was President Bill Clinton's top adviser after the 1994 elections in which he advised the President to 'triangulate.' Morris is a shrewd political opportunist, who, after being bounced from the White House after a prostitution scandal, came to help the Republicans. Morris is on Fox a lot, and has a record of making over-the-top, and often wrong, predictions.

 But Morris appears to have hit it right on the head with this one. The political adviser is calling Texas Republican (well, Libertarian) Congressman Ron Paul 'horrific.' This sounds hilarious:

“I strongly oppose Ron Paul,” Morris said. “I think he’s horrific. He wants us to end the War on Drugs. He wants us to end the War on Terror.”
“Peter, I’d like to talk about my book, which is ‘Revolt: How to Defeat Obama and Repeal his Socialist Programs,” Morris complained. “You know what, Peter? You talk to yourself for the next 15 minutes. That seems to be what you want to do.”

Morris is often a hack, and he might just be doing this for attention. However, he does see that Paul's brand of isolationist libertarianism is bad for the GOP and for America's foreign policy. Not to mention the weird allegories about '9/11 Truth' that seems to follow him around.

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  1. End the War on Drugs Hell Yes!

    End the War on Terror Hell No!!!