Sunday, January 09, 2011

Friend of Loughner Confirms: He is a Liberal

I'm sure that no one is surprised by this, but the attempted assassin of Rep. Giffords of Arizona is a liberal.  Not only is there circumstantial evidence that Jared Loughner a leftist, but friends of his are now saying that he is nothing short of a "liberal" who was "obsessed with the 2012 prophecy."

Caitie Parker, a woman who went to high school and knew Loughner during college, confirmed that his politics were left wing:
She further wrote that liberal and that he wanted to change the way "the world was run:"
She then posted images of Loughner and her from her high school year book, confirming that they went to the same school at the same time:
And Loughner:
Here is a more recent photo confirmed to be Loughner:
On top of this new, irrefutable evidence, there was also a large amount of circumstantial evidence that pointed to Loughner's liberalism.  In rantings on the conspiracy theory website Above Top Secret, Loughner constantly showed his contempt for Christianity.  Further, on Loughner listed the Communist Manifesto as one of his favorite books on MySpace.

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  1. Other proven witnesses that went to the same high school have reported that Jared was anti-abortion and anti-government. I have never met a leftist that you could describe as such. It seems like the only label that can be assigned to Jared is nutter.

  2. Carrie, the anti-abortion bit, where did you get that? No where have I read such information, only that he referred to a girl who had an abortion as a "terrorist." Did he think being a terrorist was bad? It is unlikely, given his rants and actions. Therefore, there is no proof from his actions or words that he is anti-abortion.

    Second, "anti-government" means at least two things: against excessive government (excessive being a relative term) or against the current manifestation of government. Loughner seems to fit the latter one, which means that he fits the liberal mold exactly (see: anti-Bush movement, "Change" themes, environmentalist movement, "progressives", etc.). He seems to have accused government of brainwashing, of conspiracies, and didn't respect the intelligence of the government official he targeted. The same ideas put out by fringe leftist elements during the Bush years.

    So.... is he a leftist? It sure looks like it from his rants, the majority of his reading choices, and the fact that he is/was a pot-smoking hardcore atheist. Is he insane? Absolutely.

  3. His mugshot just reeks with arrogant pride over his actions and complete demonic possession. The sadistic glee on his face is horrific to say the very least!

  4. The girl whose twitter you are quoting admits she hasn't seen Loughner in 3 years. Loughner has been reported as having strong anti-government sentiments and being a believer in a gold-backed currency. On top of that, he shot a democrat. Sound like any liberals you know?

  5. ^^Yeah, Lee Harvey Oswald.

  6. He addressed that Democrat two years ago with a question and we don't know what that question was. he is reported to have said something before the shooting buit nobody is telling us what he said.
    Perhaps if we know what he wanted we can figure out his political stance instead of guessing.
    Whether or not he was a Democrat it is obvious he was upset with Giffords vote against queen pelosi.

  7. The attempt to label him a "liberal" is just as ridiculous as the attempts to label him a "conservative." Loughner was into David Icke and other off-the-chart fringe conspiracy sites like that appeal to unhinged minds.

  8. I resent that you think showing "contempt for Christianity" would make someone a liberal. I'm a Christian and a liberal. Many Christians are liberal or share many liberal views, such as compassion for those who are less powerful in society (the poor, the sick etc.) Read the New Testament and understand the teachings of Christ.