Saturday, November 27, 2010

Should the Atlanta Braves bring back Andruw Jones?

Andruw Jones blasted 92 home runs in the 2005, and 2006 seasons with the Atlanta Braves, but that trend ended rather quickly. Since those two faithful seasons ended, Jones has managed only 65 homers with four different teams (Atlanta, Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers, and Chicago White Sox), and just barely made it past the 100 games marker this year.
His glory years are definitely behind him, but could his final years have him back in an Atlanta uniform?

Kevin Markum of Bleacher Report is hoping so. In an article published three days ago, Markum argues that Atlanta's General Manager should bring Jones back into the club, considering he had his best post-Atlanta seasons this year, and that he would be a cheap purchase at about one-to-three million dollars.

However, I'm not too sure bringing back Andruw would be worth the risk. Sure, he would bring the fans to the stands as he approaches 2,000 career hits, and if he is with the team long enough, he could reach 500 career home runs. But, and this is a big but, he cannot play solid defense anymore, and at the most he would hit maybe 20 home runs next year.

I have cheered for the Braves almost every single year of my life, and there was nothing better in pro baseball than the Andruw and Chipper Jones tag team, but spending upwards to three million dollars on a player that just can't perform like he use to - seems like an unnecessary risk to me.

What say you?


  1. It pains me to watch a player start to fade and not go gentle into that good night. Andruw is done, he should realize that, too.

    If the Braves pick him up, it should be for league minimum to let him retire at home. That is IT.

  2. I say we bring him back. I have always loved andruw and how he plays. It would be awesome to see him return. We do have a solid outfield now tHat we have bourne in center and heyward in right but when chipper retires.........3b??? We could put prado at third, bring in andruw and put him in left and have Hinske and Diaz as backups for him. So what if andruw was fading away later in Atlanta but every player has his years. Jeter?????? Last year everybody said he was running out of gas and now he is looking like he is in his prime. Now I know that andruw isn't jeter and that Andruw isn't going to put up the numbers he used to but he isn't doing bad in new York and he couldn't be worse than Diaz. It would be nice to have a left handed swinging lf and having a right handed swinging lf. Sooo if we bring him back just to let him finish his career in ATl then do it but I want to see him wearing red on Sunday's. Go braves!!!