Monday, November 29, 2010

Liberal Plans to 'Reduce' Deficit a Joke

 As if you are not content with all of the 'deficit cutting' that President Obama has been doing over the last two years, leave it to prominent Democrats to bring up a new series of proposed ways to 'reduce' the deficit. The New York Times is reporting on these schemes and you can see instantly why they will not work.

¶Stimulus spending. Most of the plans call for immediate additional stimulus measures, arguing that they will help create tax-paying jobs and reduce spending for relief to the jobless. But the liberals seek more spending in the short and long term: for now, financing for unemployment assistance, public works projects and aid to state and local governments to prevent continued layoffs of teachers and other employees, and for years beyond, “pro-growth investments” in areas like education, infrastructure, child care, rural broadband and scientific research. 

Of course there's plenty on new taxes, but it appears that these plans are inherently to spend more in the short term (except for the military while we're at war) and hope that everything will balance out. This is almost exactly what President Obama and the Democrats have done since January 2009. And the deficit didn't increase at all during that time, did it?

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