Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Good news: Hoffman drops out race.

In October of 2009 Doug Hoffman was the man of the hour. He was taking on a ACORN backed Republican In Name Only, a union backed Liberal Democratic hypocrite, and he was seemingly going to win the special congressional election. Now in October of 2010, the political career of Hoffman could be over.

After his close loss to Democrat Bill Owens last November, Doug Hoffman had been running for a rematch in next month's Election, but the Republican Party voters decided against him last month, and all the momentum from 2009 was gone. He lost his main campaign mantra, and even a major Upstate, New York Tea Party organization had gone with the Republican Nominee.

Thus, Doug Hoffman dropped out of the race this morning, and endorsed fellow Republican, Matt Dohney, in his campaign to defeat the Liberal Democrat Bill Owens in four weeks. Hoffman will remain on the ballot, but he has called on his supporters to join him in voting for Dohney. A member of the NRCC was nearly giddy when the news reached him this morning, as we all should be.

Hoffman deserves a "Thank You" from Conservatives for his 2009 campaign, and now Doheny deserves a "Donation" from Conservatives in order to defeat another Liberal Democrat running for his second term in office. Now it is time to send Congressmen King and Lee some GOP backup from New York State!


  1. Hoffman's a class act- that's how you do it

  2. This is good news. Staying in would split the vote and assure the dems hold the seat. I hope he continues to work towards Matt Dohney's election.