Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Watch C-SPAN this afternoon.

UPDATE (12:58) - The vote has been delayed to 2:30pm. The NO votes are piling up: even Senator Pryor (D) will vote NO today.

The United States Senate will be voting on whether or not to allow a Defense Authorization bill to reach the floor this afternoon. Senate Democrats have introduced two main amendments to this legislation: repeal of the "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy and the pro-amnesty "DREAM Act".

And it does get dreadfully worse: Senate Democrats are basically shutting the Republicans out of the entire process, by allowing them to offer only a handful of amendments to the legislation. But, it shouldn't surprise me nor you, because the Republican amendments would actually involve the military* in the Defense Authorization bill.

I just cannot believe what these power obsessed fools in the Democrat caucus will do in order to get their agenda through.

The Senate vote will take place at 2:15 this afternoon, and it will be broadcasted on C-SPAN 2. Everyone should watch this vote as it occurs, and before the vote everyone should contact the Washington office's of Senator Collins and Senator Snowe, who will decide** the fate of this legislation.

* - Senator Graham wants to end the process of "Merandizing" Terrorists.
** - Senator Webb (D) and 39 other GOP Senators are for the DADT policy.

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