Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sandoval Still Crushing Reid in Nevada Race for Governor

Republican Brian Sandoval is utterly destroying Democrat Rory Reid in Nevada by a double digit margin in the race for Nevada's highest office.  A new poll released by the nation's most accurate polling service, Rasmussen, states that Sandoval has a 13% lead on Reid.

This should come as no surprise, even if Reid's father, Harry Reid, is the Senate Majority leader. Harry Reid is incredibly unpopular and is facing the Senate race of his life.  The elder Reid is in a statistical tie with Tea Party-backed Sharron Angle.
 In fact, Rory Reid refuses to be associated politically with his father.  To quote the younger Reid from this July, “He’s my father, not my political mentor.”  That's got to hurt, Harry.

On the whole, Sandoval's lead mimics the rest of the nation in a year that is seen as good for Republicans.  Though Nevada seemed to be a Democratic strong-hold this election cycle, mostly because the Majority Leader of the Senate resides there, it now seems like Democrats may lose both the Senate seat and have another Republican elected Governor.

The results are yet to be seen, but if this continues, there may be no Reids in office come November.

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