Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Surprise: Gillibrand Only Up By 10% in NY Senate Race

In what seems to be a Democratic stronghold, New York may yet have a race in it.  Incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand, who analysts have said had an insurmountable lead, is now only ahead of Republican Joseph DioGuardi by 10%, according to the nation's most accurate polling service, Rasmussen.

Previously, DioGuardi was much further behind Gillibrand in the polls.  In early September alone, he was down by 20%.  He has cut the lead in half.

Considering the amazing upsets that have already happened this year, most notably Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts, it is not inconceivable that DioGuardi could bridge the gap by election day.  Though Gillibrand is an incumbent Senator, she was never elected.  This badly hurts her name recognition, which gives an advantage to DioGuardi.
Another factor that bodes well for DioGuardi is Carl Paladino's primary victory, which shows that conservatives in New York will vote in droves come November.  As the official candidate of the Conservative and Taxpayers parties, DioGuardi looks like the non-inside conservative this election cycle.

Considering the shock waves that swept the country after Scott Brown's victory, if DioGuardi were to win in November, the surprise could be even greater.  Not only that, but the Republican party would be one giant step closer to controlling the Senate.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I am a big DioGuardi supporter and thinks that he has a real shot against Gillibrand. He is definitely not the party candidate. He is running on issues that resound with New Yorkers. Fiscal responsibility, reducing debt and deficit spending.

    Check out his website, dioguardiforussenate.com. Check him out on facebook as well. You may be surprised by grassroots support he has!

  2. Joe has had the message that other candidates, including Gillibrand, are now imitating. Let's see how transparent and accountable she is when we start asking questions about her work for Philip Morris (suppressing scientific records), Qwest, and the "interesting" timing of her appointment by the unelected Gov. Paterson with substantial donations from her law firm. In the spirit of old Al D'Amato, "Senator for sale!"

  3. Exactly, Kirsten Gillibrand was never elected, she was appointed! She flip-flopped on so many issues and has been talked at and proved as vulnerable. While Joe's poll percentages increase, Gillibrand's is chipping away. It's time that we get right and elect Joe DioGuardi!