Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cuomo: Should I Call Paladino "An A--hole?"

The gubernatorial race in New York is on fire.  With Republican Carl Paladino cutting heavily into Democrat Andrew Cuomo's lead (though Cuomo still has a double-digit one), insults are beginning to get personal.

No longer held to ads or signs, both Paladino and Cuomo have resorted to a slash-and-burn approach.  Working off of the anger that many average voters have, Paladino questioned whether Cuomo had "cojones" to take him on in a debate.

In response, Mr. Cuomo gathered his top advisors and held a meeting to decide what they were going to do with Mr. Paladino's strategy.  During the conversations, Cuomo was heard saying, "If a guy says you have no cojones, how do you punch him back, call him an a--hole?"  The dash marks are added.

Not only does the "a--hole" comment show the tensions in New York, but the use of the word "punch" gives it an almost violent tint.

Paladino on Fox News:

In an election that was supposed to be in the bag for Cuomo, it looks like there is actually a race going on.  Not only that, but a new poll suggests that Kirsten Gillibrand is getting a run for her money by Joseph DioGuardi.  Spread DioGuardi's name, he needs more recognition!

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  1. I was, and still am, unsure about Paladino, but I must say, the more I see and here from him, the more i like him.