Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Primary Day in New York

New York State Republican Primary Races to Watch:

Gubernatorial - Representative Rick Lazio vs. Businessman Carl Paladino.
Senatorial - Bruce Blakeman vs. Rep. Joseph DioGuardi vs. David Malpass.
Senatorial - Former CIA agent Gary Berntsen vs. strategist Jay Townsend.
1st Congressional District - Randy Altschuler vs. Christopher Cox.
23rd Congressional District - Matthew Doheny vs. Doug Hoffman.

While the statewide Republican candidates might have little chance of winning this November, the eventual Nominee's on a district by district basis do have a solid chance at victory, especially in NY 1, 23, & 29.

New York State Democratic Primary Races to Watch:

Attorney General - Brodsky vs. Schneiderman vs. Coffey vs. Dinallo vs. Rice.
15th Congressional District - Rep. Charles Rangel vs. Adam Clayton Powell IV.

The Democrats main weakness this year will be the Comptroller election. Don't be surprised if Mr.Rangel is ousted this evening and if Mr.Powell is ushered in.

New York State Conservative Primary Races to Watch:

Gubernatorial - Representative Rick Lazio vs. Attorney Ralph Lorigo.

If Ralph Lorigo wins the Conservative Party Nomination, he could prevent the Party from receiving the necessary 50,000 votes to remain valid in New York State during the general election.

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