Thursday, September 23, 2010

Manchin might have shot himself in the foot.

Governor Joe Manchin is running as a Conservative outsider to replace the late Senator Robert Byrd in West Virginia's upcoming special Senatorial election this November. However, the appointment of his legal advisor, Carte Goodwin, to the US Senate could actually hurt his "outsider image" when we take a well deserved look into Carte Goodwin's voting record over these past two months.

Mr.Goodwin has
  1. Voted for homosexuals to serve in the Military.
  2. Voted for abortion in the United States Military.
  3. Voted to grant amnesty to illegal alien children.
  4. Voted against repealing costly ObamaCare items.
  5. Voted for Confirming Elena Kagan to the Bench.
  6. Voted for the anti-free speech DISCLOSE Act.

Keep in mind that Governor Manchin and Mr.Goodwin have worked together for five years, and that their worldviews must be similar. It's hard to believe the pro-life, anti-gay marriage, fiscally conservative Joe Manchin would never have known that his own personal legal advisor was an anti-life, pro-gay, and fiscally insane liberal fella before he was appointed into the United States Senate.

I also find it quite unusual that the Governor doesn't have a "issues, or policies" page at his own campaign website. Perhaps to cover up the damning fact that if he is elected to the US Senate, that he will be nothing more than a stooge for the Obama agenda, such as his hand picked seat warmer has been for the past two or so months.

Manchin is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Keep him out of the US Senate at all costs.

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