Sunday, September 12, 2010

Castro: Cuban Model of Communism "Doesn't Even Work"

Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro, who took over the island nation of Cuba over fifty years ago, has declared that the Cuban Model of Communism, which he himself put into place, “doesn’t even work.”  This shocking admission comes after decades of touting his economic system over that of the United States and other nations.

Castro came to power in the late 50s after overthrowing the then-Cuban leader Fulgencio Batista.  On May 1, 1961, Castro declared Cuba a socialist nation and outlawed elections, sealing his power as dictator for life.

Lately, Castro has been ill almost constantly, and is rarely seen in public.  His brother Raul Castro helps him rule and also is seen in public more.

Under Castro, freedom of speech has been suppressed and other rights have been squashed.  His shocking admission could mean that he has finally decided that freedom has its benefits and that communism does not work.

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