Monday, February 01, 2016

Projection: Sanders to Win Iowa

Reviewing the figures of the counties remaining to be counted, it appears that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will narrowly eke out Hillary Clinton at tonight's Iowa caucuses. The precincts left to be counted seem to heavily favor Sanders and offer him victory tonight.

As of 11:06 there are just 9.6% of caucuses left to be counted, with Sanders behind by 0.2%. The counties still out for the count appear to be heavily assisting Sanders, with his total to soon overtake Clinton's.

Politico has some of the final results here.

In Blackhawk County with 13% left to count:

B. Sanders 53.6% 3,187
H. Clinton 46.1% 2,743

In Boone County with 20% to count:

B. Sanders 55.3% 611
H. Clinton 44.7% 494

In Cerro Gordo County with 11% to count:

B. Sanders 51.9% 968
H. Clinton 48.1% 897

In Des Moine with 6% to count:

B. Sanders 53.6% 986
H. Clinton 46.4% 853

In Howard County with 11% left to count:

B. Sanders 54.1% 196
H. Clinton 45.9% 166

Jefferson county with 8% to count:

B. Sanders 72.4% 556
H. Clinton 27.6% 212

Final projection:

Sanders: 49.80%
Clinton: 49.75%

UPDATE: CNN is now stating Sanders is staying in Iowa to "watch results." Some believe it is for a victory speech.

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