Saturday, January 02, 2016

Former Femen Protester Declares War on Feminism

Sara Fernanda Giromin was among the most visible feminists of the last decade. Representing much of the feminist fringe pushing further and further to the left, Femen held many protests, often with their shirts off. The activists have been incredible in their vitriol against traditional society.

Under the pseudonym Sara Winter, Giromin was one of the founding members of Femen Brazil. Now, as reported on by the Australia Daily Telegraph, Giromin has swung on the opposite side.

Giromin said that modern feminism "promotes the destruction of the traditional family and all moral values ​​of society."

The former activist was interviewed by a Brazilian site, and began speaking out against abortion and was humbled by the fact that Christians practiced tolerance towards gays. This shocked her preconceived stereotype.

She said regarding motherhood, "Being a mother is a gift! It is an experience that every woman you want to spend." She questioned feminists' support of abortion after giving birth to a child. She had aborted a previous pregnancy-- which at the time she saw as no big deal. Once she delivered a child she had regrets and began atoning for her abortion.

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