Sunday, December 20, 2015

On the Ground Coverage: Bush Calls for Increase in Space Exploration

At a Town Hall meeting in Nashua, New Hampshire, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush touched on many themes, but one question stood out. A 17 year old student that started college at 15 asked about space exploration and stated that he would like to one day go to space.

"Me too," Governor Bush replied.

Bush lamented cuts in NASA funding and the end of the Constellation program under President Obama. He said that he would make space travel a priority and hoped for a partnership with the private sector, as well.

He stated that "Donald Trump's friend Putin" was the only way to get to the International Space Station.

"We should have big aspirational goals, and one of them should be space because it has all sorts of throw off benefits down here on earth."

He said he might have a bias because he was from Florida, home of Cape Canaveral.

Bush stated that increases in funding for STEM programs would enable future generations to have the know how to further similar goals. He mentioned about how his college program in Florida allowed almost all students to have free tuition.

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