Saturday, November 21, 2015

What I like and do not like about each candidate running for President: Do you agree?

By Rod Eccles

Someone asked me what I thought about the Presidential candidates still in the race and who I support. I had to tell her that I do not endorse or support any one candidate as of yet. However, I did tell her what I don’t like about the candidates. I will briefly tell you what I like and do not like. Then you can decide for yourself.

What I like about Donald Trump is that he is honest, politically incorrect, bombastic, a true patriot, and believes in the United States. I do not like that he can be brash and he sometimes does not think before he speaks. Also, some of his policy beliefs are not conservative.

What I like about Ben Carson is he is honest, educated, and smart.  He stands his ground when those on the left attack him for not thinking like what the media thinks a black man should be thinking.  What I do not like is he sometimes seems to lack total political experience in areas where a political thought process is sorely needed.  His International Politics is suspect and frankly I don’t think we need another president that has to learn so much while on the job.

What I like about Senator Marco Rubio is he has some Washington experience, has some solid conservative values, and does not allow others to belittle him or attack him without a thoughtful and purposeful response.  What I do not like is his liberal stance on immigration, his flip-flopping on some other important issues, he often seems nervous and out of his league, and he talks to fast.  He certainly cannot be nervous or out of his league when dealing with the likes of Putin.

What I like about Senator Cruz is his constitutional stance, his belief that States have rights, and that the Federal Government has no right to strong arm states into doing the Federal Governments bidding.  He is strong in personality, firm in his beliefs, and is not afraid to express and act on those beliefs.  What I do not like is that he sounds like a polished and well-rehearsed politician.   He reminds me of a 21st century Richard Nixon with a voice that sounds as if he is singing which makes him comes across as being a phony.

What I like about Jeb Bush is well honestly, there is very little I like about the man.  What I do not like is he is a big government moderate that would love to continue the policies of his father and brother.  He is a man that is too willing to let himself be manipulated by power brokers and big money.  He is not all that trustworthy and frankly he often acts as if he really does not want the job but is being forced to do it.

What I like about Governor Christie is like Donald Trump; Christie is bombastic and takes no crap or guff from anyone.  Although he sometimes comes across as a bully, he really is not.  He has shown that he can pull a leftist state to the right and bring some fiscal responsibility to a state that was typically known as a corrupt, high tax Democratic strong hold.  What I do not like is he is too moderate or even liberal on many issues including abortion, education, foreign politics, and Federal Government spending.  To me, Christie is another big government, inside the beltway, moderate in conservative clothing.

Do I really need to say anything about Secretary Hillary Clinton?  There is nothing redeeming or likable about the woman.  She needs an article all by herself to explain my disdain for her.  She should not be President of the local neighborhood watch let alone of this great nation.

Senator Bernie Sanders, well he is a socialist bordering on being a full communist.  ‘Nuff said about him.

Of course, I could go into greater depth on each candidate and I left some candidates out because either they have dropped out, will be dropping out soon, or should drop out.

Please feel free to try and convince me why your candidate of choice should be the next President.  I will warn you I am not easily convinced. I love facts and logic and often supporters set aside facts and logic in favor of feelings.

I, like Spok, have no feelings when it comes to politics.

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