Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Opposition to Obama continues to grow: 28 governors now oppose Syrian refugee resettlement

Twenty eight governors, 27 Republicans and 1 Democrat, are now saying they want to block Syrian refugees from resettling in their states. All of the governors are now opposing President Obama's resettlement plan, citing the safety of residents in their states due to the threat of possible terrorist attacks.

"Given the tragic attacks in Paris and the threats we have already seen, Texas cannot participate in any program that will result in Syrian refugees - any one of whom could be connected to terrorism - being resettled in Texas," Texas Governor Greg Abbott told Pundit Press.

Here is the current list of governors who want to prevent the resettlement of Syrian refugees in their states:

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson

Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal

Maine Gov. Paul LePage

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory

Ohio Gov. John Kasich

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Obama admitted months ago, he really has no plan or strategy. He can't seem to reconcile the intelligence he is getting from the Pentagon and CIA with his thoroughly discredited, obdurate ideology.

So, Obama retreats behind doubling down on what has proven completely ineffective. Obama's idea of "containment" compared to what of most rational people is like night and day. This is the same level of containment he thinks he has achieved with Iran and their nuclear ambitions in his "agreement".

Sadly, for all of us Obama's delusion persists regardless of how many facts reality throws at it.

Obama's claim that his foremost responsibility is to protect the American People, but then to continue to double down on refugee access to the U.S. is symptomatic of this man's total disconnect from reality. Numerous individuals in the intelligence community have flatly stated in interviews that there is no effective vetting in place to handle these individuals.

But that doesn't seem to deter Obama. One can't help but think that Obama has a screw loose somewhere. And as far as "American values" are concerned, he effectively stopped upholding them a long time ago, especially in the area of foreign policy.

Obana's policy is simply no policy, No strategy.

Our reckless withdrawal from Iraq led directly to the growth of ISIS.

After years of cultivating ties with the tough Sunni tribes in the north, the ones who had aligned with Al Qaeda jihadists in the aftermath of Saddam's defeat, the U.S. had achieved a kind of partnership with these groups who feared the Shi'ite majority government that replaced the Sunni dictatorship.  They worked with us to kill the extremists:  the "awakening".

Unfortunately, when the Bush Administration ended, so did this partnership; its architect, Gen. Petraeus, resigned in a personal scandal, Obama worked hard to pull the soldiers out, against the advice of the military, and the Sunni tribes were left to fend for themselves.

The Shi'ite-dominated military, amateurish but armed to the teeth with U.S. weaponry, proceeded to treat the Sunnis vengefully and brutally, and the Sunnis responded by allying once again with extremists.

And thus ISIS grabbed 25% of Iraq and became a global threat.

Happy now, Mr. President?

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