Friday, November 20, 2015

Mali hostage crisis ends with at least 27 people dead: Al Qaeda affiliate claims responsibility

Al Qaeda clearly does not want to be forgotten, given how ISIS is getting all the headlines.  My guess is that they hope Obama "contains them" as well as he has contained ISIS, so they can grow as rapidly as ISIS has.

Just another clear example of the failed Obama presidency, in this case with respect to foreign policy.

From Reuters:

At least 27 people were reported dead on Friday after Malian commandos stormed a hotel seized by Islamist gunmen to rescue 170 people, many of them foreigners, trapped in the building.

The jihadist group Al Mourabitoun, allied to al Qaeda and based in the desert north of the former French colony, claimed responsibility for the attack. The former French colony has been battling Islamist rebels for years.

More than seven hours after the initial assault, a security source declared the drama over, along with the deaths of two militants. But the security ministry said gunmen continued to hold out against special forces on the top floors of the seven-floor building.

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According to Obama, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, this isn't about radical Islam. I guess they don't want you to believe your lying eyes or ears. But you should believe and trust their take regardless of how ludicrous and far from reality it is.

The press should ask Hillary if a video involved?

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