Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Sanders Apologizes for Being 'Insensitive' to Black Lives Matter Movement

The treatment of Bernie Sanders by Black Lives Matter protesters earlier this year in Seattle seemed to show a cleavage between two traditional constituencies of the Democratic Party. Many Sanders supporters were outraged by the display, including the seizure of the microphone and a rambling speech made by BLM speakers.

Since the incident Sanders has made it a point to engage more with urban political leaders and some BLM figures have apologized for taking the display too far.

However, Sanders has chosen a different tack in a recent in-depth interview with the New Yorker. According to Sanders himself, he had been unintentionally disrespectful to the movement. He stated, "I plead guilty—I should have been more sensitive at the beginning of this campaign to talk about this issue."

Sanders for his part has extended his discussion regarding police and sentencing reform, as well as new economic programs.

In an interview with Ebony, Sanders stated that regarding many police encounters with blacks, "Many White people are not sensitive."

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