Friday, October 23, 2015

Jeb Bush's campaign slashing payroll and other campaign costs

As Jeb Bush continues to struggle with low polling numbers, his presidential campaign will now restructure by revamping the candidate’s message and cutting costs.

According to a campaign memo, payroll costs will be reduced by 40%, except for the lowest-level employees. The campaign will also cut back travel costs by 20% and all other overhead costs not associated with voter contact operations by 45%.

“It’s no secret that the contours of this race have changed from what was anticipated at the start.

“We would be less than forthcoming if we said we predicted in June that a reality television star supporting Canadian-style single-payer health care and partial-birth abortion would be leading the GOP Primary," the memo states.

The Bush campaign argues in the memo that the changes allow them to “remain as deft as possible” and make strategic decisions more “quickly and intelligently.”

“We are in this campaign to win. We will take every single step necessary to ensure Jeb is the Republican nominee and next President of the United States. We are unapologetic about adjusting our game plan to meet the evolving dynamics of this race to ensure that outcome," the memo states.

In response to questions about the memo, Bush campaign spokeswoman Allie Bradenburger said "we are making changes today to ensure Jeb is best positioned to win the nomination and general election,"

"Jeb is the one candidate with a proven conservative record, bold ideas and the strong leadership needed to fix the problems America faces. We are moving our resources into the states to ensure that voters in primary and caucus states are introduced to his record and vision for the future," Bradenburger said.

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