Tuesday, October 06, 2015

DNC vice chair Tulsi Gabbard calls for more debates

Democratic National Committee vice chair Tulsi Gabbard is calling on her party to have more presidential primary debates.

"I’ve also been calling for more debates sponsored by the DNC. Right now, as you know, the DNC has only allowed for six sanctioned debates, and an exclusivity clause that says if any candidate participates in another debate, that’s not sanctioned by the DNC, then you're automatically blocked from joining the DNC-sanctioned debates.

"More and more people on the ground from states all across the country are calling for more debates, re wanting to have this transparency and this greater engagement in our democratic process, at a critical time, as they make the decision of who should be the next person to lead our country. We’ve got to have more opportunities for people to present their vision for our country, their plans, and to be held accountable for the positions that they're taking and the path they'd like to take our country on," Gabbard said.

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