Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hillary Clinton questioned about explanation of why emails were turned over

On Sunday, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was questioned by Meet the Press host Chuck Todd about her initial explanation for why the former Secretary of State turned over her emails.

 Todd: You had said just now in one of your explanations that you provided these records because State asked of all secretaries of state. As you know, there was a report earlier this week in the Washington Post that said that isn’t quite how it happened. In the summer of 2014, they discovered the discrepancy with your records, and they wanted to make a request, and then it became a formal request of the last four secretaries of state. Can you explain that discrepancy?

Clinton: Well, we have explained that. The campaign has explained it.

Todd: What is it?

Clinton: Well, when the committee — I think the eighth or ninth committee — investigating Benghazi asked for information from the State Department, they were doing a survey and they found discrepancies in their record-keeping. Not in my records per se, but in their overall record-keeping. There were gaps, and that’s why they sent the letter, and that’s why we did the overall comprehensive search for everything. And it got us to the same place. We looked through everything. We gave them everything work-related. In fact, we gave them so much, they’ve already told us they’re sending back 1,200 because they were clearly personal and not work related.

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