Saturday, August 01, 2015

Jeb Bush: President Obama speaking the truth on racial injustice

You really have to wonder who is running for Barack Obama's 3rd term, Jeb of Hillary?

Speaking at the National Urban League Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Friday, GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush said President Barack Obama is “speaking the truth” on racial injustice.

“When President Obama says that ‘for too long we’ve been blind to the way past injustices continue to shape the present,’ he is speaking the truth. But we should be just as candid about our failures in addressing injustices of the more recent origin.

"In our cities we’ve got so many people that have never known anything but poverty is. So many young adults with no vision of a life beyond the life they know. It’s a tragedy for them in such a loss to our country because everyone has a God-given purpose to live out and God-given talents this world needs. Every one of them was also promised one-day break in life in the form of a public school to help them learn who they are and what they can do.

"For millions it is a false promise as technology advances, the first rung of the ladder is higher and higher and higher.

"If we don’t create an education system that allows young people to reach it, we are setting them up for a lifetime of failure.

"You and I have to call the situation what it is. The worst inequality in America today and the source of so many other inequalities.

"I want to work with the Urban League movement to end this injustice once and for all," Bush said.

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