Monday, August 17, 2015

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan: Allahu Akbar and white people deserve to die

During an August 13 sermon in Wisconsin, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan shouted “Allahu Akbar” and said "white people deserve to die."

“I wouldn’t bring our young women and young men into some place to be slaughtered. But that’s what the white man hopes for. That’s why he makes mischief with my words. ‘Farrakhan wanna get an army to kill people,’ because, you see, white people deserve to die. And they know so and they think it’s us coming to do it. No, no, no.

"Either you die or he dies.

"God is with you. That's why we say, 'Allah Akbar.' God is great. We have no weapon. We bother nobody. Then if you come to take our life, don't be surprised if you lose your own.

"We are not killers. We are not murderers. We are being murdered. And there does come a time when somebody else other than us have to feel the pain they delight in giving us.

"So we are going to redistribute the pain through economic withdrawal. But there comes a time if it is forced upon us to fight that we must fight with those who fight with us.

"Don't be afraid that the minister is stupid, he just want to go out here and kill white people. That's not my job. I'm here to represent the one who has got the power to do it. I got my job to do. And he's not asking you to do that. You can get started but you won't finish. You so tenderhearted, bless you. All the people you kill is with passion, and then you so sorry afterwards" Farrakhan said.

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