Friday, August 21, 2015

John Kasich: Roe v. Wade law of the land and we live with the law of the land

Speaking in New Hampshire on Wednesday, GOP presidential candidate John Kasich said that Roe v. Wade is the "law of the land."

Question: "I would like to ask whether you can respect the Roe versus Wade decision, and I ask because as a lifelong libertarian, I'm looking for a candidate to support who is both a fiscal conservative and not a threat to a woman's right to control her own body."

Kasich: "Obviously, it's the law of the land now, and we live with the law of the land," Kasich replied.

Kasich campaign spokesman Chris Schrimpf said Kasich later clarified his remarks and touted his "pro-life record."

"There are restrictions that we put in, we've done a lot of things in Ohio effecting abortions after 20 weeks, but until that law changes, that's the law. If the court makes a ruling, they make a ruling, but I think there are absolutely legitimate and constitutional restrictions that can be put on it," Kasich said according to Schrimpf.

"He respects the constitutionally-proscribed independence of the judiciary, but in the judicial appointments he has made as governor he has consistently sought judges who, as President Reagan said, practice ‘judicial restraint,’ and understand that the courts are not 'vehicles for political action and social experimentation’ and he would pursue that approach as President," Schrimpf said.

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