Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton refuses to say if she wiped her personal server

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton refused to say whether she wiped her private email server used while serving as Secretary of State

Clinton: "All I can tell you is in retrospect, if I had used a government account and I had said 'you know, let's release everything. Let's let everyone in America see what I did for four years,' we would have the same arguments.

"So that's all I can say."

Fox News' Ed Henry: "But did you wipe the whole server?"

Clinton: "I have no idea. That's why we turned it over."

Henry: "You said you were in charge of it. You were the official in charge. Did you wipe the server?"

Clinton: "What, with like a cloth or something? No."

Henry: "I don't know. You know how it works digitally. Did you wipe the whole server?"

Clinton: "I don't know how it works digitally at all."

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