Friday, July 03, 2015

Two San Francisco news crews robbed on live TV: Cameraman pistol whipped

KTVU reporter Cara Liu was reporting live when 3 people attacked and stole camera equipment belonging to another news crew.

News crews from KNTV and KTVU were on the scene doing live reports about suspected homicide when the attack and robbery took place.

Liu was going live from Pier 14 in San Francisco when the KTVU crew was was robbed by thieves wearing ski masks. Both news crews eventually had camera equipment stolen during the incident.

KNTV cameraman Alan Waples was pistol whipped and suffered a cut ear after he was attacked by one of the suspects. The attacker Robber put a gun to his head and Waples said he was "'waiting for click of the gun."

“There's no time for anything to go through your mind. When he was gone, it was a relief,” Waples said.

Police described the three suspects as black males, all wearing dark clothing. One of the suspects had dreadlocks. The getaway vehicle is described as a black BMW 7 Series without a rear license plate.

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