Friday, July 17, 2015

Susan Rice: Iran will use money from nuclear deal to fund terrorism

Note to the Obama administration, the goals should be to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and engaging in terrorist activities.

Susan Rice, President Obama's national security advisor, admitted that some money that Iran will receive from the nuclear deal will be used by the Iranian government to support terrorism.

"We should expect that some portion of that money would go to the Iranian military and could potentially be used for the kinds of bad behavior that we have seen in the region up until now.

"But the goal here, Wolf, was never – and it was not designed to prevent them from engaging in bad behavior in the region. They’re doing that today," Rice said.

It has been the policy of the West since the breakup of the Ottoman Empire after the first World War to maintain the larger peace in that region, an objective that became paramount with the discovery of massive oil reserves on which the West and even Asia came to depend so heavily. First the Brits and French took on the job and then the United States.

Towards the end of last century the Iranians began racing to get a nuclear weapon because the Arabs were attacking them from both flanks, Saddam from the West and the Saudis from Afghanistan. Thus the placement of large NATO forces all around the periphery of Iran. Bush was successful in having Iran discontinue its nuclear program until the Democrats made clear that there would not be continuity in U.S. policy if they came into power.

The U.S. was not alone. Because it was about protecting the longer term supply of oil, not just NATO but the Asians provided troops, equipment or help of some sort. Israel had always been a beacon of what democracy has to offer. Obama threw out that policy and instead turned to relying on one of sweet talking the parties.

If you ask me I'd say Obama and his administration have no clue of the internal dynamics of that region.

The mistake some make in judging events is confusing short term events with longer term dynamics. What Obama has done is, for better or for worse, I think worse given the history of that region, allow a major shift in the longer term balance of power, and thus a massive disruption in the dynamics of the region.

Indeed Obama poured gas on the fire. Obama's arguments of the last few days just distract from the one thing that is now a certainty, and that is that he allowed a change in the dynamic and balance of forces that had existed and that had helped maintain the larger peace.

Let's remember that there have been very serious divisions between the Persians and the Arabs for thousands of years, and that these are now very much aggravated by a deep religious divide between Sunnis and Shias. The prospect that the region will now go nuclear is almost terrifying to countenance.

Worse, with the lifting of the conventional arms embargo Obama is allowing the ongoing wars to escalate, and he is further allowing that escalation to culminate with nuclear weapons, if not now then in a few short years.

If the agreement is as great as Obama says it is, then why didn't he say in his speech Tuesday morning that he would embark on a campaign to show the people why it's good, but instead he immediately raised the veto warning?

People should realize that Iran got far more than a nuclear deal that favors them. The negotiations were supposed to be strictly about nuclear weapons yet at the last minute the Iranians brought up conventional weapons and the U.S. turned over the whole kitchen to them. They can now buy anything they want.

The lifting of sanctions was also supposed to cover just the nuclear area yet the Iranians insisted so much, again at the last minute, that all sanctions are being lifted, including those on the Quds force of the Revolutionary Guards, you know, the ones that concoct terrorist acts throughout the world, are fighting on Assad's side, and provide missiles to Hezbollah and Hamas for use against Israel.

The Iranians were very clever negotiators. They kept giving Obama a taste of very near "victory"--meaning a deal, any deal--and then at the last minute when Kerry and Obama were exhausted and hungry for any deal, they sprung the conventional weapons and sanctions trap and they bit.

Let the sun shine on the truth. There would not be so many people opposed if it were really the great agreement Obama says it is, but then Obama doesn't have a particularly good reputation for telling the truth.

We are pretty much where we started. Iran will continue its nuclear quest. Obama was true to form: he got a deal, any deal, just not the one that would have stopped Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

The Obama administration looked like amateurs negotiating against pros. And as if that weren't bad enough, Obama chose to tie his hands behind his back to boot (any type of military enforcement is off the table as well as Iran's terrorist aims).

Obama and Kerry couldn't even negotiate the release of the several American hostages the Iranians are holding as a sign of good faith!

Today there is a new Middle East, one where a nuclear arms race is about to get underway. For nearly one hundred years the West helped keep the area relatively peaceful, first with British and French help, and then after WWII with that of the United States.

Obama changed all of that. We've been watching revolutions and more recently wars in many places, and that is just the beginning. With nuclear powers in the region the real show will soon begin.

Thank you Barack Hussein Obama.

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