Friday, July 03, 2015

Iranian foreign minister to United States: Show the courage and audacity to break old habits

Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif released a YouTube message aimed at the United States and Obama administration concerning the pending nuclear deal with Iran.

"I’m in Vienna to put a long overdue end to an unnecessary crisis. At this eleventh hour, despite some differences that remain, we have never been closer to a lasting outcome. But there is no guarantee.

"Getting to yes requires the courage to compromise, the self-confidence to be flexible, the maturity to be reasonable, the wisdom to set aside illusions, and the audacity to break old habits.

"Some stubbornly believe that military and economic coercion can ensure submission. They still insist on spending other people’s money or sacrificing other people’s children for their own delusional designs. I see hope, because I see emergence of reason over illusion. I sense that my negotiating partners have recognized that coercion and pressure never lead to lasting solutions, but to more conflict and further hostility. They have seen that 8 years of aggression by Saddam Hussein and all his patrons did not bring the Iranian nation – that stood all alone -- to its knees. And now, they realize that the most indiscriminate and unjust economic sanctions against my country have achieved absolutely none of their declared objectives; but instead have harmed innocents and antagonized a peaceful and forgiving nation.

"They thus opted for the negotiating table. But they still need to make a critical and historic choice: Agreement or coercion. In politics—as in life—you can’t gain at the expense of others; such gains are always short-lived. Only balanced agreements can withstand the test of time.

"We are ready to strike a balanced and good deal; and open new horizons to address important, common challenges.

"Our common threat today is the growing menace of violent extremism and outright barbarism. Iran was first to rise to the challenge and propose to make confronting this threat a global priority, when it launched WAVE – World Against Violence and Extremism. The menace we’re facing – and I say we, because no one is spared – is embodied by the hooded men who are ravaging the cradle of civilization. To deal with this new challenge new approaches are badly needed. Iran has long been at the forefront in the fight against extremism. I hope my counterparts will also turn their focus, and devote their resources, to this existential battle," Zarif said.

Sure, they are closer than ever to an agreement, Obama long ago gave them the store. Just remember that part of the deal already announced is that they are free to make nuclear weapons after ten years.

How can that be read as a deal that keeps them from getting the bomb? Ten years is nothing. Just these negotiations alone have been going on for six years, so what's another ten?

It's another case of Obama pretending to play hard so he can claim he made a great and difficult deal. Just another of his cons of the American people.

Obama already sold us out a long time ago.

You'd think with all we've been told about how badly Iran needs to do something positive in these talks to have sanctions removed, they would be bending over backwards to accommodate the IAEA and the six world powers.

That's what we've been told. Do you suppose there might be a slightly different story circulating around Iran these days about how they are handily manipulating the IAEA and six world powers by continuing to dodge and weave throughout this absurd process?

This recent visit by the head of the IAEA to discuss how visiting Iran's 'sensitive military sites' might be achieved to everyone's satisfaction is on the face of it simply ludicrous but certainly typical of the amazing dance that continues unabated. Hard to imagine how any country could with a straight face sign off on the ultimate accord and sleep soundly thereafter.

Never ending propaganda.  The Iranian regime's actions resulted in the sanctions.  Iran's failure to comply with NPT was so obvious even the Russians and Chinese didn't veto action against the Iranians.

A state sponsor of terror is hardly in a position to sound the alarm about extremist activity.  Iran will continue to define any word or term in a manner that suits their purposes which is why they can't be trusted.

I'm willing to bet that Iran is attempting to use its fight against ISIS as leverage with the U.S. to dilute anytime anywhere enforcement inspections and the dropping of sanctions more quickly. Of course, the problem with that is there is no guarantee as to how successful Iran might or might not be in defeating ISIS whereas inspections carry no speculation.

When Zarif uses terms like "agreement or coercion", the translation is "we view anywhere, anytime inspections as 'coercive'. If you want 'agreement' you will have to make more concessions on our terms."

When you have negotiations continuing for this many years with this kind of talk at this late hour, you can tell that there is a lot of nit-picking going on. Anytime, anywhere inspections don't need a lot of dissecting. But Iran is betting throwing ISIS into the water, Obama and Kerry will bite.

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