Thursday, July 09, 2015

15-year-olds allowed to get state-subsidized sex-change operations in Oregon

The "new normal" thanks to Barack Obama and the radical progressive left.

From Fox News:

"The list of things 15-year-olds are not legally allowed to do in Oregon is long: Drive, smoke, donate blood, get a tattoo -- even go to a tanning bed.

"But, under a first-in-the-nation policy quietly enacted in January that many parents are only now finding out about, 15-year-olds are now allowed to get a sex-change operation. Many residents are stunned to learn they can do it without parental notification -- and the state will even pay for it through its Medicaid program, the Oregon Health Plan.

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"Age of medical consent varies by state. Oregon law -- which applies to both Medicaid and non-Medicaid Oregonians -- states that the age of medical consent is 15," Oregon Health Authority spokeswoman Susan Wickstrom said.

"It is trespassing on the hearts, the minds, the bodies of our children. "They're our children. And for a decision, a life-altering decision like that to be done unbeknownst to a parent or guardian, it's mindboggling," Lori Porter of Parents' Rights in Education said.

"We have a very radical and even mutilating treatment being offered to children without any evidence that the long-term outcome of this would be good," former head of the Johns Hopkins Psychiatry Department Dr. Paul McHugh said.

"To know that taxpayers are now on the hook for that, that a child can do that without their parent's knowledge or information or consent, parents have absolutely no say, that's appalling," Lisa Maloney, a parent and Scappoose, Ore., School Board member, said.

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