Saturday, June 13, 2015

Spokane NAACP president Rachel Dolezal says she will address controversy over her claiming to be black

Spokane NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal released a statement on Saturday saying she will address the controversy over her claiming to be black

“As you probably know by now, there are questions and assumptions swirling in national and global news about my family, my race, my credibility, and the NAACP.

“I have discussed the situation, including personal matters, with the Executive Committee. I support their decision to wait until Monday to make a statement.

"The Executive team asked that I also release my response statement at the same time, which will be during the 7-9 p.m. monthly membership meeting.

“My sons and I would appreciate your thoughts, prayers and support during the interlude,” Dolezal said in her statement.

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