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Part One: The quest for the truth behind racism.

Contributor article by Dan Wilson

Author's note: I began writing this post, expecting to be able to keep it all in one article. As I began digging into the events of Selma, Alabama and became enthralled with all that transpired. I realized if I was going to give the events of Selma justice, I had to separate this into two articles. 

I hope you enjoy this short series of historical articles.

For everyone who has studied the History of the Republican Party, knows our origins date back to 1636 when our nation’s first Abolitionist who later inspired the creation of the Abolitionist movement.

The Progressive Socialists (formally the Democratic Party) are trying to place blame on the Republican Party by hiding behind a façade Pretending that the Democratic party, represents the people and all of this nation’s problems came from The Republican Party and all who represent them.. When all they are doing is by using an old tactic, they are blaming others for their own misdeeds.

The birth of the Abolitionist movement can be traced back to Roger Williams who’s Colony was the first to denounce racism in its Charter. By 1700 the remainder of the New England Colonies had followed Rhode Island and Providence Plantations lead. By 1700 the Abolitionists had gained enough support to encourage the remaining northern colonies into joining New England into abolishing slavery all together.

Though border colonies from Pennsylvania South is where the debate of slavery was fought. By the Constitutional convention the lines had been drawn. States South of the Potomac River with exception to western side of Virginia. While states north of the Potomac, chose to follow our declaration of independence “that all men are created equal”.

By the end of the summer of 1787 our form of government had been established as list of unenviable rights that were stated in our Bill of Rights had been established. All thirteen colonies agreed on the articles of convention as well. The only issue that remained unsolved was slavery.

The southern states refused to ratify the constitution unless slavery was included. The northern states knew that without conceding to the southern states demand, our constitution would never be ratified. Grudgingly the northern states gave into the southern states to include Slavery. For anyone who has read our constitution, you can tell slavery was simply inserted and was never part of the original document. Though everyone who participated in the convention knew this issue had to be resolved.

In 1856 marked the end of the Whig party due to the conversion of virtually all Whig party members to the newly formed Republican Party, also known as the GOP (Grand Old Party). The GOP can trace its roots back to 1636 and Roger Williams who is considered to be the first Abolitionist in this Nation.

By 1858, the Southern Democratic States, knowing the position of the GOP. Promised to succeed from the Union if the Republican Party won the election of 1860. With the election of Abraham Lincoln, the Southern States kept their promise. After the attack on the Union’s Fort Sumter, President Lincoln elected to declare war in hopes of preserving the Union.

For the South though its position was for the preservation of Slavery, the North originally entered the war to preserve the Union as their first priority. As the war progressed and with the passing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, the North’s position had morphed into a war against slavery.

By Wars end the southern states after the reconstruction period began to institute a series of laws designed to segregate and to make acclimating difficult for freed slaves into this new free society. Since the southern states were almost exclusively members of the Democratic Party. Passing of such laws was easy.

These series of laws were collectively known as the “Jim Crow” laws that would haunt our country for the next hundred years. Jim Crow laws began to change in 1952 as President Dwight D Eisenhower instituted the first of several acts that would led to the nation’s first anti segregation Bill to be passed since 1857. On September 9th 1957 the anti-segregation act would become law. Though widely supported by the GOP, this law did not pass without opposition. On April 1st Representative Strom Thurmond (D) from South Carolina held a one day filibuster in protest of segregation.

Thurmond was a strong segregation supporter and Ku Klux Klan member was determined to voice his opposition, even without the support of the Democratic Party, who did not support segregation in general. They also knew that a filibuster would be a waste of time. Yet the Jim Crow Laws would continue until 1965.  Though Harry S. Truman (D) would be the first to segregate the United States Military (mostly due to necessity and not equal rights). It would be Dwight D. Eisenhower (R) who would make segregation a law for the public.

During the Kennedy Administration, Though JFK having served in WW II supported anti-segregation, knew that many democrats still opposed it. Kennedy who had barely won his nomination was in fear of losing support. So he chose to be non-committal. Had he not been assonated by Lee Harvey Oswald (C) on November 22nd 1963. After winning his second term would have likely passed more anti segregation laws.

During Kennedy’s Administration, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy made his opinion on segregation known that he vehemently opposed it. Nor did he have any use in the Unions and organized crime. He knew Unions were controlled by the Mafia and during his tenure as Attorney General. His entire term clearly demonstrated his position.

Since the Jim Crow laws had been successful at preventing many African Americans from obtaining consistent gainful employment. This resulted in a high percentage of unemployed. wit With Lindon Baines Johnson, passage of the Equal Rights Amendment of 1964 along with the creation of Welfare convinced many African Americans as Johnson had hoped, to change from the Republican Party over to the Democratic Party. This was a calculated move designed to maintain control over African Americans. Johnson though a well-known racist, was also a very calculating man and this was another instance that his instincts proved correct. The success of this move haunts African Americans to this day. Sadly The Democratic Party has been so successful with feeding them Kool-Aide, that they cannot see they are being duped.

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (TCLC) led by Rev. Martin Luther King (R) hoping to maintain momentum, had organized a series of peaceful protests during January and February to the Dallas County Court House in Alabama. On February 17th 1965 Rev. Jimmy Lee Jackson was fatally shot by an Alabama State Trooper.

In Response a Protest March was scheduled for March 7th 1965. As 600 protesters led by TCLC leaders of the protest began to lead their follower’s in-route to Montgomery. Governor George Wallace ordered Albert J. Lingo who was in charge of the Alabama Department of Public Safety, stop the march. As the march continued the protestors met up with Alabama State Troopers who had blocked passage over the Edmund Pettis Bridge.

As for the events that transpired in Selma due to the investigative research that will provide as accurate a description of the events of March 7th and the clash between the Alabama State Police and the Peaceful Marchers bound for Montgomery Alabama, I have elected to present the events of Bloody Sunday as a separate article. This article will be the most in-depth analyses of the events that transpired on that terrible day. Like the recent events in South Carolina, a ray of sunshine emerged from the darkness.

As for the Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment of 1964, the Democratic Party was able downplay President Eisenhower’s role in pathing the way to Equal Rights. The Democratic Party also were able to create a Façade that proclaimed they were the ones to head up the Equal Rights campaign and have even laid claim that the Confederate Flag was created by the GOP.

This article is entirely accurate in its Historic contents. Prior to the Civil War every Southern State was under Democratic Control. The vast majority of Plantation owners were also Democrats.

Since the Republican Party was created by the Abolitionist Movement along with the actions of the Democratically Controlled and pro-slavery States. Negates their claim that the Democratic Party has been pro-Equal Rights activists since 1815. Had the Democratic Party been pro Equal Rights, the Civil War would have never taken place.

With the Democratic Party’s Façade being solidly in place, they have managed to portray the GOP as the racists, and not the Democratic Party’s true Heritage. For anyone wishing to dispute this article please refer to the National Archives, the Library of Congress and FBI files on the Selma Alabama Incident.

As for my Conservative followers please feel free to copy this and present it to your Liberal friends. I will be more than happy to provide all reference materials. It is time for the Republican Party along with Conservatives around the Nation to set the record straight and to tear down the Democratic Façade that they have been hiding behind for the past 50 years.

Thomas Jefferson once said the truth can stand on its own. We have the Historic evidence and it is only a matter of spreading the word and forcing the Democratic Party to reveal their racist foundations. GOD BLESS AMERICA. Please keep an eye out for part two of the quest for the truth behind racism.

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