Monday, June 08, 2015

Obama administration: Transgender restrooms a matter of health and safety

Labor Department advises private sector businesses to base restrooms on gender identity

The Obama administration is now claiming that transgender bathrooms are a matter of "health and safety." As a result, the Labor Department has issued instructions stating that private sector businesses should set up their restrooms based on gender identity

“The core belief underlying these policies is that all employees should be permitted to use the facilities that correspond with their gender identity.

“For example, a person who identifies as a man should be permitted to use men’s restrooms, and a person who identifies as a woman should be permitted to use women’s restrooms.

“The employee should determine the most appropriate and safest option for him- or herself.

“Transitioning is a different process for everyone—it may involve social changes (such as going by a new first name), medical steps, and changing identification documents.

“Under these best practices, employees are not asked to provide any medical or legal documentation of their gender identity in order to have access to gender-appropriate facilities.

“Gender identity is an intrinsic part of each person’s identity and everyday life.

“Restricting employees to using only restrooms that are not consistent with their gender identity, or segregating them from other workers by requiring them to use gender-neutral or other specific restrooms, singles those employees out and may make them fear for their physical safety.

“Bathroom restrictions can result in employees avoiding using restrooms entirely while at work, which can lead to potentially serious physical injury or illness," according to the guidelines released by the Labor Department.

The Labor Department went on to say that separate restrooms transgender people are not acceptable.

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