Monday, June 22, 2015

New emails prove Jonathan Gruber played major role in Obamacare

The facts once again make clear:

1. Obama lied about Jonathan Gruber's intense involvement.

2. Gruber lied about his intense involvement.

3. HHS lied about Gruber's intense involvement.

Finally, there existed a comprehensive strategy by Obama, HHS, Gruber, and White House staff to deceive the American people:

1. "If you like your physician, you can keep your physician. Period".

2. "If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. Period."

3. "Your premiums will go down, by about $2400. a year."

These were all lies, and known to be lies when they were spoken. Obamacare would never have passed if the American people had been told the truth. Gruber has explicitly affirmed that.

Should there not be consequences for such brazen deceit?

From the WSJ:

Jonathan Gruber, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist whose comments about the health-care law touched off a political furor, worked more closely than previously known with the White House and top federal officials to shape the law, previously unreleased emails show.

The emails, provided by the House Oversight Committee to The Wall Street Journal, cover messages Mr. Gruber sent from January 2009 through March 2010. Committee staffers said they worked with MIT to obtain the 20,000 pages of emails.

The emails show frequent consultations between Mr. Gruber and top Obama administration staffers and advisers in the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services on the Affordable Care Act. They show he informed HHS about interviews with reporters and discussions with lawmakers, and he consulted with HHS about how to publicly describe his role.

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We have it directly from the Oval Office: “Mr. Gruber was 'some adviser who never worked on our staff.' "

That’s why we also have this:

“’Thank you for being an integral part of getting us to this historic moment,' according to Sept. 9, 2009 email to Mr. Gruber from Jeanne Lambrew, a top Obama administration health adviser who worked at HHS and the White House. In a November 2009 email, she called Mr. Gruber 'our hero.’”

This says a lot about the Obama administration. When you combine incompetency, arrogance and deceit, you get the disaster that is Obamacare.  Hopefully the courts and Congress will be able to mitigate the damage done.

The self discribribed Most Transparent Administration In History sure has an enormous amount of difficulty telling the truth.  Yet we should trust it to oversee health care, negotiate nuclear agreements with Iran, and anything else it wants to do, via executive decree if necessary?

Also, Gruber sent 20,000 emails from 2009-2010 mostly to the White House and we're to believe that Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State for 4 years, only sent 30,000 emails for her entire tenure in the State Department?

Hillary and the Obama administration must think her Democrat followers are very, very stupid. Or, better yet, Hillary thinks they are as corrupt as she is because they don't care how much corruption she may be guilty of.

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