Saturday, June 13, 2015

Latest on Dallas police HQ attack: Suspect believed shot dead by officers

Here is the latest information we have on the Dallas, Texas police headquarters attack that took place on Saturday. Dallas police believe they killed the suspect, though they haven't confirmed his death yet.

The suspect in the Dallas Police Headquarters attack has been identified as James Lance Boulware. He was allegedly arrested in 2013 after threatening to attack schools, churches, and his family. He was arrested with firearms, ammunition, and body armor.

Boulware, 50, said that the police had accused him of being a terrorist.

"Witnesses observed what they believed to be multiple suspects firing guns at the Dallas Police Department's headquarters.

"The suspects were parked in front of police headquarters. As police officers arrived, the suspects rammed Dallas police officers' squad cars and began shooting at the officers, striking the squad cars but missing the officers.

"We are blessed that our officers survived this ordeal," Police Chief David Brown told reporters. "There are bullet holes in squad cars where officers were sitting, bullet holes in the lobby where staff was sitting," Dallas Police Chief David Brown said.

Authorities in Texas say the suspect opened fire on officers outside Dallas police headquarters, before he fled in what witnesses described as an armored van.

Dallas' police chief says a sniper has shot the suspect in an overnight attack on police headquarters and that the department is checking to see if he's still alive.

Dallas Police have released pictures of shattered windows and other damages at their headquarters.

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