Monday, June 08, 2015

Glenn Beck Announces he will be "Community Organizer," like Barack Obama

Today on his radio show, Glenn Beck announced that he would be "a sort of community organizer," specifically referencing one of President Barack Obama's jobs before becoming a Senator in Illinois.

Before the announcement, Beck explained that he is afraid that the nation has "lost its mind." He stated that this is evident, as people are calling Caitlyn Jenner as brave as veterans, and when teachers take their students to adult shops as a "field trip."

After detailing the failings he sees in popular culture, Beck said that he would announce that he is becoming "a sort of community organizer" following the commercial break. When the show returned, he said it is time to "chase the mind-changers out of our Churches."

"I'm not a preacher. I'm the last guy God should start with. But I'm starting a tour this summer," Beck told his audience.
Mr. Beck
More than that, however, Beck said that he could not change things by himself. "I'm asking you to organize yourselves," he said. "God is not dead, but far too many of his pulpits are."

There needs to be "places where pastors know what time it is and will sleep no more. Never again is now," he added.

"What happens if the Supreme Court says that homosexual marriage is the law of the land?" he then asked. Will "the government force Churches to comply?"

For that reason, Beck continued, "We must wake the most powerful force on earth: the people of God. The army of good."

He then told the audience to visit Mercury One, a non-profit that Mr. Beck founded.

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  1. Beck explained that he is afraid that the nation has "lost its mind."'s you who has lost his mind, Mr. Beck.