Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Feminists Start "GiveYourMoneytoWomen" Campaign, Demand Men Give Free Money to Women for No Reason

Feminists on social media have started a campaign called "give your money to women," or "Giveyourmoneytowomen" on Twitter.

The point of the campaign is that, according to its creators, men benefit from numerous privileges, including the patriarchy and earning more money than females. For that reason, men should literally give money to women for no other reason than that they are female.

Here are just some of the tweets being bandied about on social media:


  1. Women like those quoted above are why the western world is dying.
    Name a western country with a replacement birthrate.
    Remember the 3 'F's'....rent, do not buy.

  2. Feminists successfully turned men off marriage, now they have to simulate marriage.