Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"Fat People Hate" Banned on Reddit

"FatPeopleHate," a subreddit devoted to hating fat people, has been banned by Reddit.

The subreddit gained notoriety as a haven of bullying and prejudice. This was evident in numerous posts of anonymous pictures of overweight people, with tags such as "Land Whale" and "Found the Fattie."

The members of the group were also well-known for dismissing and banning dissenters by calling them fat.

FatPeopleHate is now banned:


  1. It was one of the fastest growing, most active subreddits. Reddit was afraid of getting bad publicity so they censored their users. Not surprising since they are all neckbeard cows.

  2. I don't understand how /r/fatpeoplehate was banned, but subreddits like /r/picsofdeadkids, /r/sexyabortions, and /r/watchpeopledie are allowed to stay. How is hams getting their feelings hurt worse than pictures of dead children?

  3. I didn't think it was possible for me to respect fat people any less, but here we are.

  4. They have actual subreddits that incite violence against women, black people and animals, they have /r/beatingwomen2, /r/hurtinganimals, /r/coontown and worst of all /r/rapingwomen, the latter actually instructing rapists how to RAPE women and GET AWAY WITH IT.

    It's just simply that /r/fatpeoplehate was too popular and honestly? The majority of them are fat, white men and they do not want to offend fat, white men, god forbid. No one cares about dead children, animals, women or minorities when we may offend fat/obese individuals.

    Seriously, this ban was absolutely wrong.

  5. How about /r/beatingwomen2, /r/hurtinganimals or /r/rapingwomen the latter which tries to teach users how to rape AND GET AWAY with it?
    Those straight up incite violence and not banned. Or possibly, more people care about being insulted on being unattractive and repulsive than the actual well-being of others that are NOT themselves. Given that most of the US is fat or obese, I can see why it was banned but seriously, don't do it under the guise of making it "safe," when the aforementioned subreddits are in existence and inciting violence OUTRIGHT.