Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Consider the hypocrisy to champion for equal human rights, while depriving an unborn human the right to life

Contributor article by Jessica Kelly

If your Facebook status looks like this, you feel victory. You feel victory because you believe that a human injustice has seen the beginning of the end.

And so, I urge you... only those of you who fly this flag and are "pro-choice." I urge you at this moment to consider.

Consider the hypocrisy to in one breath champion for equal human rights, while in another breath deprive an unborn human person the basic right - the right to life.

Consider that today thousands of abortions will be performed based on sex selection (they are pregnant with a girl, but wanted a boy or vice versa - happens all the time). What happens when people start to abort based on sexual orientation selection? Will you fight for the homo-sexually inclined unborn, or does your rainbow flag fly only for those who have taken their first breath?

If a woman chooses abortion because she fears that her child is going to be a homosexual, what will you call her? Homophobe?

A woman who chooses abortion because her child is biracial? What will you call her? Racist?

If she chooses abortion because her child has a disability, you champion for her right to abort, rather than addressing the lack of affordable and reliable help and healthcare in our country.

If she aborts because she lives in the wealthiest country on earth, but fears she cannot afford a child, you champion for her right to abort, rather than addressing the issue of poverty.

A woman who chooses to abort because she wants to finish school first? She’s too young? Too poor? She was raped? She just doesn’t want a kid yet?

Rather than addressing teenage pregnancy, or promiscuity, or sexual relationships with uncommitted partners, or rape and incest, or ignorance, or under-education, or just the VOID OF LOVE... you champion for the right to abort in all those circumstances, while proudly waving your rainbow flag and screaming VICTORY FOR HUMAN RIGHTS!

There is NO VICTORY for human rights until there is NO ABORTION.

Until we live in a country where abortion is not a thought, where no woman ever feels like she must end the life of her unborn for any reason, ANY REASON, there is no victory.

You want human rights? Fight for those who cannot speak. Fight for those who have yet to even see the sun rise. Fight for those who are hated, before they even have the chance to cry their first tear, or laugh their first laugh.

Fight against poverty, under-education, racism, sex selection, rape, incest. Champion for human rights. Fight against hate, and hate crimes - and the atrocity of the greatest hate crime this nation has ever committed... hate against, and the death sentence of the unborn, underdeveloped, those who are just too little to live on their own just yet.

If you are pro-abortion, just consider. Why do gay humans deserve rights, and young humans don't?

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