Wednesday, May 27, 2015

White House: Lack of diversity caused Iraqi army to be defeated by ISIS in Ramadi

You just can't make this stuff up folks.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said President Obama’s Iraq strategy is not to blame for Iraqi's defeat in Ramadi to the Islamic State. Earnest actually said it was a lack of diversity within the Iraqi military that lead to the defeat and fall of Ramadi.

"What we have indicated all along is that it will require a multi-sectarian force to succeed against ISIL.  And the reason for that is Iraq is a very diverse country and they’re going to need every element of their diversity to counter this specific threat.

"You’ll recall from even the earliest days of the military campaign that the support of the United States was predicated on the commitment of the Iraqi political leadership and the Iraqi military leadership governing and fighting in a multi-sectarian fashion.

"And that was true at the beginning in terms of the air support that the United States was prepared to offer; that’s also been true in some of the successful military operations that Iraqi security forces have carried out," Earnest said.

Note to the Obama folks, the Iraqi army is getting its ass kicked by the Islamic State because the soldiers are poorly trained and do not have the will to defend their own homes against these savage terrorists.

The Washington Post had this to say about the Iraqi defeat at Ramadi:

"New accounts from fighters in the city indicate that the fall of Ramadi owed as much to the weakness of Iraq’s forces and holes in U.S. strategy as to the Islamic State’s strength.

"Soldiers described confusion and a lack of coordination between branches of the security forces as chains of command broke down.

"Even Iraq’s Golden Division — a U.S.-trained special-forces unit considered the most capable in the country — suddenly deserted its positions, security officials said.

"Planes from the U.S.-led coalition bombed the edges of Ramadi, but there simply weren’t enough airstrikes, Iraqi military officials said."

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