Sunday, May 31, 2015

(VIDEO) #JUSTICEFORCHARNICE: Prayer vigil held to remember slain DC reporter Charnice Milton

On Sunday, a prayer vigil was held in Washington DC to remember slain reporter Charnice Milton. The 27-year-old Milton was shot to death late Wednesday night as she was coming home after covering a monthly meeting.

As Milton was walking to catch a bus home, a man grabbed her and used Charnice as a human shield. Milton was then shot by another individual around 9:40 pm est.

When DC police arrived at the scene, they found found Milton suffering from a gun shot wound to the chest and Charnice was taken to a nearby hospital where she later died.

Police described the suspect as a male in his late teens with long dreadlocks, last seen speeding away from the crime scene on a dirt bike.

Anyone who has information regarding this case is asked to call police at 202-727-9099. Information can also be submitted to the DC Police Department's text tip line by text messaging 50411.

"My baby was not shot by a white police officer, she was shot by two black man who are cowards and part of gang warfare here in Wards 7 and 8.

"My baby wasn't the 91-percent of DC residents who go off to college and don't graduate; she was one of the 9,

"When all of these [news] cameras are turned off and the last story has been written, my baby will still be six feet below.

"From this day forth it is a battle [against violence] and I will win it, right here, right now," Milton's father, conservative talk show host Ken McClenton, said at the vigil.

McClenton is asking people to:

1. Continue to pray.

2. Begin the conversation that the primary problem in black America is black on black crime.

3. Find a way to close crime cases in America's inner cities.

"Black on black crime is the real crisis in America. Who Suffers: innocent Bystanders, public Safety and law and order.

"No protest will return my daughter. Only God fearing Americans can truly honor my daughter's life by taking back the inner city," McClenton said on Facebook.

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